A Serialized Novel

I was noodling on the computer after dinner, while Laurie was watching TV, when she asked, “What do you think they wear at a place like Club Aurora?”

“Probably very little.”

“I am serious Joe.” She said, muting the TV.

“There is a member’s gallery on their…


It had all started two nights ago. Mona, fresh from the shower wearing a thin silk robe, that did little to conceal her body.

“I ordered us dinner from Pagnano’s,” Burt told her. “It should be here any time.”

“Well, I hope you ordered me a salad,”

“I got us…

Natalie Hothorne

I am a writer of erotica. My stories are about beautiful, adventurous wives and the confident, open-minded men they love. In other words I write about Hot Wives

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